Regina Andrew

Founded by married couple, James Slaven and Carla Zajac, the dynamic duo has a complimentary style that creates a perfect balance of grit & grace.

Regina Andrew Design culture and craftmanship is shapeded by Detroit’s style and character (or courage).  The pursuit of inspiration has taken the designers across the earth to discover materials and forms that drive the designs. Crafted with an obsessive attention to detail and a quest to deliver the unexpected, the products, much like the journey that inspired them, have a story.

Each piece is designed as a labor of love and with uncompromising attention to detail. It is the passion for this process that drives the team with equal part cutting-edge innovation and quality craftsmanship. A hallmark to Detroit manufacturing and the RAD spirit.

Regina Andrew Design has a passion for the environment and a focus on being green. An ever-increasing commitment to work in tandem with nature has led the company to award-winning sustainable practices. The corporate offices and warehouses are 100% solar powered, a priority on using recycled cardboard and transforming reclaimed and recycled objects into beautiful products.